Apple now allows band-only returns for bad combination solo loops | Instant News

Apple has changed direction and bought Apple Watch Series 6 or Apple Watch SE Solo ring or braided solo ring with incorrect size.

Apple’s new 6 Series and SE models can be purchased with the new Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop band options without buckles or fasteners, and can be stretched to fit the hand. Since there is no mechanism to adjust the size, solo and woven solo rings have 9 sizes, which leads to fit problems.

Such as We report on MondayCustomers who ordered and received a new Apple Watch with Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop, and then found that the strap was not suitable were informed by Apple staff that the only online return option involved returning the entire watch.

After receiving complaints and concerns from customers, Mcrums It can be confirmed that Apple has changed its policy and now allows online band changes without having to return the entire watch.

We were able to exchange frequency bands online without returning the Apple Watch this morning, which we were unable to do yesterday, which shows that the policy has changed today. Customers can return to inappropriate frequency bands, and will receive new frequency bands after receiving the old frequency bands.

GameClub executive Eli Hodapp raised the issue of return for the first time. He was able to start the return of the knitting solo loop without returning the entire watch, and he also provided a free Sport Band for his troubles.

We have seen others rumor Similar situation On twitter, Apple allows customers to return the band online without having to return the entire watch and wait for the watch to be replaced. This is an improved solution because it takes weeks to wait online for a new Apple Watch.

Since the launch of Apple Watch Series 6, Apple has been able to switch the frequency band in the store for those who are in poor physical condition due to incorrect results using Apple’s measurement tools, but not everyone lives near the store, and not everyone The shop is open at this time.

In-store returns may confuse employees. As the replacement work is completed, the process may take some time, but Mcrums Successfully initiated two separate in-store band exchanges.

For those who need to exchange online bands and want to be able to send the band back without returning the entire watch, a call is required. Online support personnel cannot initiate this return process and must be completed over the phone.

Online support should Understand the new process and guide users to make calls, but if you encounter problems in online chat, please try the phone support solution.


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