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Latest patch Marvel’s Avengers Released, here is the complete list of changes and fixes for this update. This is a small patch, but this update has some welcome changes and additions. The villain field has finally been repaired, and each player will receive a reward of 250 Pulilon and 500 Uru to make up for the loophole. Just log in before October 1st to receive the reward. Moreover, Captain America can now smash the goal, which is a good feeling. A number of other combat adjustments have also been made to make the operation feel smoother. This is something new Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.08.

Marvel Avengers Update 1.08 Patch Notes

  • Reorganized campaign and Avengers plan
    • Various crashes and stability fixes
    • Fixed a rare issue that caused players to perform the wrong mission inadvertently when selecting “One-time Avenger”
    • Fixed an issue where certain task chains could not be completed correctly when all requirements were met. (Example: Supreme Rule)
  • fighting
    • Captain America can now smash the door. *
    • Fixed an issue where the fee schedule was inappropriately reduced during the end of the group stage.
    • Improved responsiveness from jumping into sprint flight as Iron Man.
    • Improved the ability to react to light air hammer attacks (such as Thor).
    • Improved the reliability of the upper cut of the Iron Man thruster.
    • Improved the performance of Captain America Sprinters.*
    • Adjusted the standard attack of SPIN Keeper, reduced hero consumption, and added an off-screen attack indicator.*
    • Added new standard attacks to Drone and Keeper.
    • Adjust the homing attack to reduce the frequency of occurrence.*
    • Adjust the homing projectile to make it more balanced.*
    • The global cooldown of all quantum self-ball attacks has been increased.*
    • The adjusted quantum fragment projectile is no longer unstoppable.*
  • Equipment, challenges and rewards
    • Solved an issue where refreshing missing weekly tasks would cause a crash. The weekly tasks should now appear in the expected locations. We temporarily prohibit refreshing incomplete challenges; full functionality will be restored in the next update.
    • Solved the problem that the villain department could not refresh correctly, which caused players to miss weekly rewards.
    • Fixed other issues that prevented daily purchase orders from proceeding as planned.
    • If the player loses the equipment due to an equipment error, the iconic Iron Man equipment is awarded.
    • Fixed the issue of legendary legendary rewards incorrectly set to level 1 strength.
    • Solved how to apply the insurmountable allowance to the drop device.
    • Fixed an issue that some users will not receive any rewards when they complete the Elite Heroic Hive run.
    • Prevent specific situations that cause Kamala to lose skill points. We are still investigating retrospective repair.
    • Adjusted the loot table in the Super Beehive to increase the chance of getting extra loot.*
  • PC specific fix
    • Resolved a rare bug that usually caused the player’s hero level to be reset after a multiplayer connection issue.

Any changes marked with an asterisk are based on player feedback, which shows that Crystal Dynamics is paying attention to complaints and adjusting the game, but they can do better. For a list of known issues and upcoming changes, please check Marvel’s Avengers Official Website.

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