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3: Lalande Among the party songs, weird, progressive folk preferences, such as this French number, sound like a new wave movie of the 60s, even strings and harpsichord. Not all unconventional tones are as successful as this kind of tuning.

4: This is because I am focused. On another scattered track, there are some very pleasant electronic cowbells and jingle sounds. This subversive dwarf plays quickly and casually along with the dance to convey the understanding of female appearance. Direct information. Davidson’s materials are often full of more vivid lyrical content than the music implies. Moving between English and French makes discovering the meaning more interesting.

5: Sister A thrilling piece that tells the tragic story of the American duo Carpenter’s top chart. Davidson transformed some of Marcello’s Baroque style into a gleaming, slightly nightmarish contemplation, in the context of this seemingly perfect American crowd. This is definitely a tune full of doom, just another dimension of this delightful and unexpected album.

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Varying ballads Richard Dawson, Rhodri Davies, Sally Pilkington, and Dawn Bothwell formed a group to explore their shared appreciation of ABBA, medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen, and other unexpected sources. The results range from surprisingly direct results (such as Trouble’s 80s electronic pop music) to Paul’s psychedelics, which are 9 feet tall (swamp gas) and the buoyancy bo of the first single red Crimson Star. All 14 tracks are enough to keep the music flowing.

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