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Original mafia, Of all the versions released in 2002, it has become increasingly difficult over the years. It is bulky, does not look surprising, and has annoying quirks. Mafia Authority EditionThis is a complete reprint that has just been completed today, and is a useful way for you to look back and still understand the beautiful (even if not new) stories about crime, loyalty, trust and respect.

in mafia You will play the role of Tommy, a taxi driver who works in a big city called “Lost Paradise” (stop laughing). He participated in the Mafia and was eventually promoted. All of this is told through flashbacks. The main viewing device is an elderly Tommy. Tommy talks to a detective about his life and all the crimes he committed and witnessed. At least for the first few hours of my broadcast, this new remake stayed true to the original story. The writing has improved and the actors are great, but the overall plot and mission remain the same. This was great for me because my clumsy PC at the time could play original music mafia trivia. But for those who have played it many times, this remake may feel too old and too familiar.

No matter how familiar you are with the original game, this new feature mafia Visually it is amazing. When playing on PS4 Pro, I was impressed by how many details there are in the world. There are thousands of old signs on buildings, shiny metal doors on cars, streets are cracked and covered in mud, and faces are lively. Considering that the developer Hangar 13 used Mafia III The engine is remade and the game looks very good, I shouldn’t be surprised by how good it is Authoritative edition It seems. However, it feels as if Hangar 13 has greatly improved the lighting effects of the game, making everything pop and look great.


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use Mafia III The function of the engine is that it is less rigid than the original game when traveling around the world and running. Especially the driving feels heavy and fun. Whiplashing a large old taxi at steep corners is satisfactory because it can easily be screwed and fly into a wall or nearby car. Running around and shooting in the new remake is not fun, but it works well. Mafia III It’s not a great third-person shooter, nor is it a remake, but I have never been frustrated by poor control or sloppy actions. Instead, I just hope the battle will continue, especially close combat, which is simple and fun.

If you really want to make this remake, I strongly recommend that you modify the game settings so that you can re-enable some classic quirks in the original game. For example, in the first mafia In the game, the police will pull you to speed or run a red light. Fortunately, for those who don’t want to deal with it, the annoying police is closed by default. You can also control the heavy car feel, the handling of ammunition, and other parts of the gameplay to make the remake process more like the original game, or more like a modern game.

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Screenshots: 2k game / Kotaku

Another thing to remember about this remake is mafia It has never been a classic open world, and there is no modern world. Today’s open world games, such as Mafia III Either Grand Theft Auto 5, With a large number of auxiliary tasks, properties to be purchased, land to be acquired, statistical information to be upgraded, etc. mafia (with Mafia II And) There is no such thing. Of course, you can freely travel around the world while performing certain tasks, but there is nothing else to do except to find some newly added collectibles. One might argue that this was a waste of such a detailed, well-designed open world map, but I am happy to play a game that does not take 50 hours to complete. You might be eliminated Mafia Authority Edition In less than 12 hours, if you are a better driver than me, maybe less.

Mafia Authority Edition It is a perfect reprint of the old, worn-out game, almost contrary to the original story or gameplay, allowing old players to experience their favorite games with amazing visual effects and more rigorous battles. For those who want to play original music mafia This is the best way to play the game for the first time.

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