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Do you want to save some money on the new Xbox? Use a payment plan.


Microsoft’s Xbox Series X with Series S Game console Released on November 10th, Pre-order starts It was listed in the United States on September 22. PlayStation 5, This will start Next generation gameThis time, Xbox manufacturers are becoming the choice of gamers who want to get the most out of their gaming budget.

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Xbox all access Yes Microsoft’s monthly payment method Buy new Xbox Series X Either small When they were released in November. Qualified purchasers will receive a console and 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate at a cost of 1 month per month.

Keeping up: If you already want to buy hardware and a monthly Game Pass Ultimate subscription, the full access route can save you up to $60 in Series S fees and $20 in Series X fees. More than two years. Potential Xbox buyers should at least check “all access rights” before buying.

Let us have a deeper understanding of Xbox All Access, both positive and negative.

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What is Xbox All Access?

Microsoft developed a payment plan in 2018 to allow customers to buy Xbox One X ($540 at Amazon) Or S (payment in monthly installments). When Xbox Series X and S are launched, there will be two new plans.

How does it work?

The customer needs to apply for a Citizen Credit Line from one of the selected retailers to the Citizen Bank. If qualified, they will get the console of their choice and have access to Game Pass Ultimate. Then, they will charge them 24 months of the selected package with 0% interest.

What is a better agreement? Xbox All Access or buy everything separately?

It depends on whether you have any current subscriptions for Xbox subscriptions. More dedicated Xbox players may have subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate a few months after the launch of Series X/S, which makes the deal less attractive.

Apart from them, everyone else who is interested in the X/S series can actually benefit from Xbox All Access, because over time, the amount paid is more than buying a console and paying $24.99 for Game Pass Ultimate The subscription period is short. In addition, the 0% interest rate for All Access is much higher than the 15% to 22% interest rate you get when you charge a new fee of $300 to $500 on your Xbox. credit card.

Where can I register for Xbox All Access?

What is included in Xbox All Access?

The cost of acquiring Xbox Series S is $25 per month for 24 months-retail price of $300-and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 24 months. If you want to use Xbox Series X (retail price is $500), you will need to pay $35 per month.

Game Pass is Microsoft’s game subscription service, providing more than 100 games, which can be used on Xbox and PC. Xbox Live is necessary for console multiplayer games. It offers two free games a month, as well as various discounts in the Microsoft Store. Both are included in the Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Are there other fees or interest?

will not. There are no application fees, annual fees or late fees. The APY for all plans is 0%, which means there is no additional interest.

What is the total cost?

This is a breakdown of the total cost of Xbox All Access for the X series and S series, including pre-purchasing game consoles and paying for 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate.

Retail and full contact (more than 24 months)

retail price

All pass price

The best price

Xbox Series S

$660 ($300 + $15/month)

$600 ($25/month)

Unlimited listening (save $60)

Xbox Series X

$860 ($500 + $15/month)

$840 ($35/month)

Unlimited listening (save $20)

For this failure, there are some other things to keep in mind: buying a console means you will most likely have to pay sales tax. Depending on your state, you will need to pay up to $30-$40 in additional fees.

What information do I need to provide to get approval?

You need to provide:

  • name
  • Contact information (address and mobile phone)
  • date of birth
  • Annual income
  • social Security number

Does Xbox All Access have a credit check?

Yes. of FAQ For details of the payment plan, you need to obtain the approval of the “Citizen One Credit Line” from the Citizen Bank. When registering, the bank will proceed Credit inquiry On yourself. This means they will check with credit agencies to confirm your creditworthiness. If you are, the bank will perform a hard credit check, which will be displayed in your Credit Report. The bank will also consider your annual income for final approval.

Will this affect my credibility?

Yes, but it depends on your operation. First of all, don’t negatively affect credit inquiries or microfinance Credit score. It will be listed in your credit report as a query, but your score will remain the same. The credit imposed on you can show Your report. There may be a slight drop of five points or less, but they will be cleared after a month or two.

On the other hand, if you repeat the application for some reason (for example, you are rejected and continue to try), since you seem to need credit urgently, this will show up as a negative sign in your credit report. Make sure if you are rejected, don’t try again immediately.

What will cause you Credit score Tank missed the monthly payment greatly. according to Xbox All Access FAQ, You can report the delayed payment to the credit bureau. This will definitely cause your credit score to drop. If the account is sent to the collection due to a continuous lack of payment, the situation may get worse.

What if I pay partially through All Access on the existing Xbox, but I want to upgrade?

Since Microsoft created the All Access program to sell more Xbox One consoles, when the Xbox Series X and S were launched, some people were still paying off the system. One Upgrade options Users who currently apply to the payment plan can use it, as long as they have paid a certain amount of discount on Xbox One, they can continue to make monthly payments with the newer console and can use the older console for transactions. All Access customers can check their Upgrade status Watch them standing there.

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