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in Capcom’s TGS 2020 live stream More information on September 25 Monster Hunter Rise, Revealing the next Monster Hunter game to be launched on Switch. Game producer Ryozo Tsujimoto announced the start of the “Rise of Monster Hunter” part on the Capcom live broadcast. He said: “Our main concern for the rise of Monster Hunter is the portability of the Switch, which allows you to pick it up anytime. And play games. Play with anyone you want, no matter where you want to play.”

Live show Monster Hunter Rise of the TGS 2020 trailer, Is an expanded version of the official announcement trailer. The new scene in the video shares the combat actions of spears, hammers, bows and arrows, and a new downhill tool called Wirebug. The function of Wirebug is very similar to Spider-Man’s network shooting game, and the action allows the player to scale the cliff and have a size perpendicular to the game. Wirebug can also be combined with weapons to carry out new attacks in combat.

A new partner, the dog, will also help you hunt. As the name implies, a dog is a dog-like animal that can actively coordinate attacks with players. If you ride on the dog’s back, your physical strength will not decrease and you can also recover. In the single player version, players can bring two partners to complete the task. But in multiplayer mode, each hunter is limited to one friend.

The Monster Hunter Rise team also shared some tips about the new monsters we saw in the initial trailer. Aknosom is a ferocious bird flying dragon. Tetranadon is an amphibious monster that can swallow any movement. Once eaten, it will slow down, but the monster’s attack becomes heavier and more destructive. Dai Izuchi is another flying dragon, but it travels in groups and attacks with its tail. Magnamalo, the “flagship monster”, is a two-winged flying dragon with a unique movement. The developers stated that they are currently unable to disclose more details about Magnamalo.

As for the new location, the staff laughed at the shrine and Kamamura area. If you want to glance at any of them, Capcom will show Monster Hunter Rise In the live broadcast on September 26 at 5 AM Pacific Time / 8 AM Eastern Time.

Monster Hunter Rise will be sold exclusively on Nintendo Switch and will be released on March 26, 2021. “Monster Hunter Rise” pre-order guide If you are interested in getting a copy immediately.

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