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Those who choose to book Xbox Series X The news from Amazon may be a bit rude awakening.

Last Friday, the online retailer sent an email to buyers informing them that their game console may actually arrive after the official release date of the system on November 10.

The email read: “We are contacting you about your Xbox Series X order to notify you in advance. Due to high demand, you may not receive the item on the day of release.”

Screenshot of email from Amazon

“We are making every effort with our suppliers to purchase more inventory. Once more information becomes available, we will provide more updates.”

PCMag can verify whether these emails have been received, although there is currently no cancellation or any evidence of a similar nature. There is also no information on how many customers this potential setback will affect. Amazon has not yet indicated whether this is a general supply issue, whether it is warning all customers, or whether only certain buyers have received the email as a precaution.

Xbox Series X is not the first console version that Amazon has issued a disclaimer in advance. The e-commerce giant did the same thing to those who pre-ordered the product and issued a similar warning. PlayStation 5 system. However, in the case of issuing the warning, Amazon did not notice that it was trying to “procure more inventory.”

In terms of next-generation game console reservations, the release of PS5 is Nothing more than a disaster. Since the system seems to be sold in a scattered way, buyers are left out when buying the system, and bots and website malfunctions are left out.

Although Microsoft initially mocked Sony mercilessly, assuring customers that they would buy their system at a certain time, but the same problem also plagued Xbox Series X manufacturers. When bookings began on the morning of September 22, buyers were rarely able to add the system to the shopping cart or be successfully checked out.

Sony apologizes for this problem and plans to launch more systems in the sporadic time before the PS5 release. Microsoft skipped the “sorry” and only confirmed that more Xbox Series X systems will be launched on November 10th.

Given Amazon’s warning that Xbox Series X may arrive later than the release date, if it’s important to you to install on time, it’s wise to choose the system on the release date. Microsoft has not announced how much inventory it will provide that day, but if the past has passed, then Xbox Series X will be as scarce as at the end of September.

At present, there is no news about whether the output will increase during the holidays.

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