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Inti Creates has announced Gal Gun returns Suitable for Xbox One, Switch and PC (Steam). In Japan and Asia, it will be launched on Xbox One and Switch on January 28, 2021, and will be available on PC via Steam in February 2021 at a price of 5,800 yen. In the West, it will be launched for all three platforms in 2021 through publisher PQube. Xbox One and PC versions will be available digitally worldwide, while the Switch version will be available physically and digitally.

In Japan, the Switch version will also be sold in a limited edition of 9,800 yen, which includes a 100-page commemorative album, which includes illustrations and more in-game illustrations. Gar Gun Series, a singing album, contains tracks from all the singers Gal Gun returns (Including the newly recorded theme song), and a special box with a special packaging. Pre-orders for either version include the scented Kaname Nonomiya bookmark.

Gal Gun returns Is a copy of the original version Gar Gun, The game was first launched for Xbox 360 in Japan in January 2011, followed by PlayStation3 with additional characters and PlayStation Move support in February 2012. This is the first time the original game Gar Gun Will be released in the west.

This is an overview of the game through PQube:


Next year, when the franchise will turn 10 years old, in the form of a glorious remake, this is a better way to celebrate than bringing the game that started but never left Japan to the West: Gal Gun returns! Time to be loyal Gar Gun-Both novices and fans can experience Gar Gun And many panties!

Gar Gun This is an interesting story. A young man became “super popular” among the opposite sex and is now living an “unfortunate” life. Every lady confessed to her immortal love in her own way.

But he must strengthen himself and use his “special weapon” (known as pheromone shooting) to defend against those who might become lovers, because he is trying to win the love of a major character. Gar Gun It’s the crazy combination of arcade style shooting action and dating simulation game, truly unparalleled.

There is more…I am happy.

Main features

  • So many choices! -You will face-and romance- a giant with more than 70 characters! From heroines to angels, from students to faculty, and even some rarely seen ladies, you have plenty of choices to choose Huaifu as your true love!
  • Give them euphoria –Although pheromone shooting is effective, everyone has a special point that can make their knees weak…If you aim correctly and see “ハッ” (Ha) or “キュン” (Kyun), you will If you score 1 point in your lens, you can hit the euphoric KO with ecstasy and get bonus points!
  • Does your heart beat faster? -The only Doki-Doki mode is back and ready to show the girl’s best assets from all angles-do you meet the right conditions! If you fill up the girl’s table within the time limit, you can eliminate all enemies on the screen while making the girl ecstatic! Most importantly, your…efforts will receive special rewards.
  • Improvements and new features -Ten years have passed since the original film, these gals are now more fascinating than ever! Small changes such as hairstyles and other delicate details have been improved! A brand new CG has been added to the introduction of each heroine, and there are many examples throughout the story!
  • Multiple game modes! – Fall in love with the girl of your dreams in story mode, show your superb shooting skills in scoring attack mode, and realize the fantasy of multiplayer Doki Doki mode with the new Doki Doki Carnival, and more!
  • Pre-loaded downloadable content! – From bikinis to aprons and more, you can enjoy popular downloadable content from then on, you can enjoy it anytime!
  • Full voice agent -Each of the more than 70 girls in the game has their own voice! Revel in every minute of this amazing actor performance!
  • Complete gallery mode – There are already more than 250 old and new illustrations for you to use!
  • Most urgently -What is the real aesthetics of those hidden areas Gar Gun About everything! A total of 423 kinds of underwear are waiting to be discovered! There might be more?

Watch the announcement trailer below. View the first screenshot In the gallery. Please visit the official website here: English (Inti Creation, PQube), Japan, Chinese.

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