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As we all know, the earth has only one natural satellite, and that is the moon. However, it occasionally picks up the so-called “mini moon”, which is actually a temporary asteroid visitor. According to scientists, this is the only blue planet that can sustain life and will pick up a similar short-lived moon within a few weeks. However, this is different from other things that have happened in the past.

The speed and orbit of 2020 SO suggest that it may be of human origin. As we all know, the earth does not have any natural smallest moon. Objects entering the earth’s gravity will be affected by it and fall into the earth’s atmosphere. Scientists are still studying its ability to track such small objects, but since it began to evolve, evolution has increased because of the discovery of two temporary satellites in the twentieth century.

RH120 hovered around 2006 and lasted until 2007. And CD3 started orbiting the earth in 2018 and continued until the early days. 2020.2020 Therefore, the trajectory followed by SO will cause it to enter the unstable orbit of the earth. And according to forecasts, it will enter orbit next month, and it will continue to rotate until May 2021. Therefore, it will linger on the earth for about 8-9 months.

If you compare it with other mini months, there is a huge difference in how it is handled. SO is slower than before. Moreover, compared with other near-Earth asteroids, the planet’s orbital inclination is very similar to that of the Earth. Continued research on it is underway, but when it gets closer to the earth, scientists can clearly see it.

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