PS5 may get a new PSVR motion controller for next-generation virtual reality | Instant News

There are many signs that PSVR 2 The headset is working PS5, And the discovery of a new patent, provide greater support for the next generation of virtual reality technology that will accompany Sony’s next-generation host.

If found LetsGoDigital, The controller ditches the aging rod design PlayStation Move The controller (first introduced in the Playstation 3 generation as early as 10 years ago), instead shows a joystick-equipped handle, surrounded by a halo-like band.

This patent (detailed in a 34-page document filed in March 2020) discusses how to use a single controller or a pair of controllers in series. In addition to the standard face buttons and joystick, the controller will also support triggers and touch sensors, and you can choose to add these controls.

(Image source: Sony / LetsGoDigital)

The controller needs an external camera to follow its movement, and it is recommended that the camera on the VR headset itself can pick up the light-emitting part on the surface of the controller, or a completely external separate camera accessory.

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