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Spelunky 2 is full of people and wildlife. Most of them are just protecting their houses.

Spelunky 2 People and wildlife are everywhere, and most of them are just protecting their houses.
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Spelunky 2 It may be a violent experience. Although finding the parents of the main character is the ostensible goal, you will definitely make a lot of killings in the process. I am doing my part to stop the wave of violence in order to achieve my goal: to kill as few enemies as possible.

Just like its predecessor, Spelunky 2 Rich and vibrant. The open-pit mines were eventually replaced by environments such as jungles, tide pools and ice caves, each with its own flora and fauna. Obviously, this is an ecosystem. When the protagonist rides a homemade rocket to reach the moon and explores it for the first time, this ecosystem has existed for hundreds or even thousands of years. What was the first thing they did? Kill everything they see, from bats and lizards to the indigenous civilizations that call these caves home.

My pacifist’s ideals began in the pot. Spelunky 2 These earthen decorations are scattered on the floor, and their contents can only be revealed by opening them. Sometimes you get gem rewards, sometimes you get nothing, but usually, these pots are home to creepy reptiles such as snakes and spiders. My favorite strategy to avoid unnecessary damage is to throw the pot on a nearby wall and break the pot so that any wild animals lurking in it can be dropped to a safe distance.

During the time that felt like one millionth of my people walked through the mine, I happened to encounter a pot and a small pit. “I can throw it away on the wall of the pit lane, and any enemies that pop up will be easily picked up,” I thought. “Absolutely smart, Ian!” Of course, my plan worked well. I placed a snake in a small 1×1 hole, ready to press it under the boot. That’s my life: I don’t need to kill this guy. It seemed to be satisfied with the new home and did not hinder my progress. “No harm, no foul,” I shrugged and moved on.

Spelunky 2, which focuses on non-violence, can bring a unique gaming experience.

Close to Spelunky 2 Focusing on non-violent behavior will bring a unique gaming experience.
Screenshots: Mosmouth

At that moment it became a brain worm, infecting everyone afterwards Spelunky 2 Play. I am an intruder; what right do I have to destroy everything on the road? I adjusted the size of each enemy I encountered to determine if it was necessary to whip them to pieces, or if I could find a solution. It feels like a brand new game. My goal is no longer to accumulate as much wealth as possible by plundering uncontaminated land in the game, but to explore in a way that does not harm my surroundings.

By tracking their movement on the ground, huge cave moles can be easily avoided. Snakes simply move back and forth on whatever platform they occupy. Horned lizards are a bit tricky, but they can be frightened with a whip and picked up and placed elsewhere. Bats are the only animals that really hunt you down in the early days, but a little drag can lead them to spider webs or dead ends. These super-large animals will naturally see me, a soft and fleshy person, as a prey, so it feels better to provide them with space instead of reducing their blood and bones.

My oath of nonviolence naturally extends to Spelunky 2Humanoid enemy. Although I often die within just a few minutes of the expedition, cavemen are able to open up their lives in this hostile environment. This kind of understanding tried to use deadly power to satisfy their obvious hostility to me, or to steal their religious icons and feel dirty. They also showed behaviors that were not available in previous games, such as carrying items with them and even having casual conversations in all the chaos, which made them feel more like creatures rather than obstacles to defeat and sacrifice. Cali is like animals, I mostly just let them go.This becomes Grumpy Become an escape game, not a complete attack on the surrounding environment.

Spelunky 2 The pacifist’s run pays more attention to the character’s basic bomb and rope tools. Sometimes, the passage is so small that it is impossible to avoid the snakes or cavemen living there, which makes forging my own path vital to keeping my fragile life. And since I haven’t formed a good strategy for stealing from the shopkeeper, every opportunity to buy a new device must be carefully planned and budgeted.

I should stay at home.

I should stay at home.
Screenshots: Mosmouth

But there is another side to playing games in this way, and I didn’t realize it until I got stuck in it. Spelunky 2Despite its beauty and charm, it is still a game about invading an established ecosystem that performs well before you get there. This is an old story. The hidden lesson is that the protagonist’s sense of adventure is more important than the people and wildlife that can be passed on from generation to generation on the moon anywhere. Through normal play, you often leave behind a mass of broken, bleeding corpses, which is reminiscent of a miniature of human history.

I’m not saying everyone needs to play Spelunky 2 The transatlantic slave trade or the genocide of the indigenous peoples of North America are deeply entrenched. I understand the importance of video games as a tool to disperse and respond to the horrors of real life, especially when the world is on the verge of climate disaster and fascist crisis. I am not even sure if it is possible to adhere to pacifist ideas in the subsequent biosphere. I rarely travel to the jungle and industrial areas. It is a nightmare, and I often retreat to get there and destroy everything in every way.

Self-challenge to leave the world Spelunky 2 As I discovered, it gave me a new appreciation for the various mechanisms and interactions implemented in the game by the developer Derek Yu and his team at Mossmouth. They are committed to making every area like a living and breathing ecosystem, which first reminded me of this goal.now I understand GrumpyThe horizontal line is not linear, it is more like an amusement park with a veritable secret passage and self-made escape route. Going all out is only a strategy in battle, but if you take the time to look at it, there are other viable options.

Maybe I just let myself succumb to the danger of overthinking simple transfer behavior, but I strongly recommend that you try to avoid the residents who kill the dead. Spelunky 2, It needs to run at least twice. It presents a serious challenge.


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