Elon Musk’s “Neuralink”: What is science and what is not science | Instant News

Elon Musk wants everyone to undergo brain surgery. Specifically, he hopes that everyone can implant a brain-a brain-computer interface created by his company Neuralink. He said it will be able to solve many diseases, including paralysis, anxiety and addiction.

Since 2006, there have been machines connecting the human brain and converting electrical signals into computers. Since then, neuroscientists and engineers have gradually improved the technology. Musk’s Neuralink is engaged in this work: The company has developed a thin wire system that can be wound into the brain, causing less damage than the usual rigid spikes. But Musk’s ambitions go far beyond changing the architecture of robotic brain devices.In addition to treating brain-based diseases, he Also said At the recent press conference, Neuralink’s equipment can finally achieve functions such as telepathy or the interaction between the brain and artificial intelligence.

Currently, these goals have far exceeded expectations. Scientists need to learn more about the brain and how the brain makes these ideas a reality. The brain is still mysterious, and neurological causes such as anxiety and addiction are unclear.In the latest Edge Science In the video, we discussed what Neuralink might do, and what content in Musk’s proposal requires the scientific knowledge behind it.

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