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Pokemon Company shared a lot about Pokemon Sword and ShieldThe next DLC, Crown Tundra Today’s live broadcast, But some of the most interesting tidbits appeared after the stream ended.On the official website of Pokemon, the Pokemon Company introduced a detailed introduction in DLC called Ability patch, Which sounds very helpful.

The skill patch is similar to the existing skill capsule in that it allows you to change one of the Pokemon skills, but the working principle of that particular item is slightly different. The “Ability Capsule” only allows you to switch between the two standard Pokemon abilities, and the “Ability Patch” will change it to a “Hidden Ability” (if its species has one).

This is a convenient choice because rare abilities are usually rare in Pokemon games. The only way to get Pokemon with swordsmanship or shield hiding abilities (outside of trading with other players or transferring their abilities from previous titles) is to grab them in the Max Raid battle. Many of these hidden abilities are very useful in competitive battles, which makes ability patches a very popular feature.

The Pokemon Company has not elaborated on how to obtain the skill patch in Crown Tundra, only to point out that these items are “difficult to obtain but worth the effort”, so players seem to need to work hard to get their hands in one.You can read more about the item on the official website Pokemon website.

We learned many other details about Crown Tundra DLC.The extension will be launched on October 22, before the release, “Pokemon” company will give away a copy A few Pikachu wearing different hats.The company also confirmed Pokemon Go compatibility has been added to Pokemon Home Before the end of the year. You will get two special gifts to transfer monsters from “home” to other places.First, you will receive a mysterious box in Go, which summons a Pok√©mon Meltan In the wild. Most importantly, you will receive Gigantamax Melmetal through a mysterious gift in “Pokemon House”.

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