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Elite danger: Odyssey There is still some way to go, but that didn’t stop Frontier from deciding Horizon Free extension to everyone. Next month, the owner of the game will find that the planet is falling, weapon making and multiplayer expansion can be folded into the base game, and existing owners of “Elite Danger: Horizon” will get a new “Azure” “Spray painting work, it will be used on more than 41 different battleships.

Elite Danger: Horizon will be added to the base game on October 27th.

The first extension of Elite Dangerous will be on sale for $30 until October 26. It is essential for those interested in getting owner rewards and upcoming Azure paint jobs, but once the first 27 rounds of launch, all of which may enter the store for personal sales. Nevertheless, this is not a bad move for Frontier. The plan to launch “Elite Danger: Odyssey” early next year is a smart and consumer-friendly move. Yes, it may be upsetting to existing owners, but Elite Dangerous is not the first game to incorporate stale content into the basic experience for free before the upcoming expansion.

Note that the planetary landing mechanic added in “Horizon” is Do not Promised first-person exploration: With odyssey. In Horizons, you will buy vehicles that allow you to venture across distant worlds, but you will not be able to set foot on the surface of any planet until next year. Having said that, “Horizon” still has a lot to explore, so in the final analysis fans will definitely kick out space tires when it’s free. I mean, even now that there is a capital ship, for those who own coins, this is no different.

Elite Danger: Horizon will be available for free on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Elite Danger: Odyssey is scheduled to be released in 2021.

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