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  • Blizzard Entertainment recently shared the development progress of “Diablo IV”
  • The upcoming game will adopt a new talent and skill system
  • Blizzard has not yet announced the release window for Diablo IV

Blizzard Entertainment shared a new quarterly update, which details some of the improvements and developments in the long-awaited game “Diablo IV”.

The game developer posted a new dump of information about “Diablo IV” on its official blog. on site. The latest update allows you to gain insight into the current development status of the game​​. It also provides detailed information about the final game about talents, skills, legendary items, witch enhancement system and progress system.

In addition, the latest “Diablo IV” update highlights that it has absorbed feedback from fans on the project. The developer promises to provide more updates on this particular aspect of the game in an upcoming report. Skills and talents are key aspects of most action RPG titles (such as “Diablo IV”).

Its predecessor is a split but simple system, players can gain new abilities when they level up. When the game developer released “Diablo IV”, it revealed a basic talent tree system in which players can spend skill points to unlock and upgrade abilities and passive effects. The new skill tree has more nodes and distinguishes between passive ability and active ability.

The PS3 version of “Diablo 3” game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

In “Diablo IB”, the skill tree is a literal tree with many different paths. Branches are composed of active abilities, while passive abilities are found in the root. At the same time, square nodes represent active skills, while circular nodes optimize those active points.

When “Diablo IV” players unlock the nodes in those branches, they will earn points that can be used on passive skill nodes. When players reach the final game content, they should choose a node of approximately 30% to 40%. Essentially, this means that there should be multiple versions of each class in the game.

Blizzard also shared some details about the witch’s new enchantment system, which is similar to the Barbarian’s Arsenal system. This new mechanism enables players to convert active skills into passive abilities. In turn, this provides players with secondary rewards.

Blizzard has not announced the release time of “Diablo IV”. Except for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 gaming platforms mentioned earlier, the game studio did not mention whether the game can be used on next-generation consoles.


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