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If you can’t wait for the store to reopen to improve your technology, ask us to get you good news. Best Buy currently offers almost every Apple product at low prices, i.e. Apple Watch Series 5, iPad 10.2, iPad Pro, and Macbook Air. Falling prices on Apple devices are quite rare so you want to take advantage of this offer as soon as possible.

iPad 10.2 – $ 300, is $ 330

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The iPad’s standard bezel is still very large (slimming it will make it a little more contemporary), but this tablet now offers a 10.2-inch screen larger than the previous 9.7-inch screen. In comparison, the trimmed Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 bezel looks very modern, and so does the iPad Pro. None of this means that the iPad feels cheap. It has a sizeable weight for it, plus it sports a 100% recycled aluminum enclosure that is good for the environment. Instead of Face ID, which remains exclusive to the latest iPad Pro and iPhone, you get Touch ID, even though it’s not a deal breaker for most users. What sets this apart from the older iPad 9.7 is support for Smart Connector so you can use it with the Apple Smart Keyboard (sold separately).

As mentioned earlier, this device offers a slight increase in screen size. The pixel density of the LCD panel is the same at 264 pixels per inch, although it looks sharp and colorful and very bright. And fortunately the headphone jack has not been removed, unlike the iPad Pro. You don’t need to look for a 3.5mm-to-Lightning jack once your Bluetooth headphones lose power.

Strangely, iPad 10.2 does not get an increase in processor, unlike other iPad lineups, which now offer the Aion B12 chipset. However, the A10 Fusion tablet processor still has a lot of power. Multitasking with several open applications won’t be a problem, and navigating the new iPadOS is smooth. The previous iPad only ran with the slightly altered iOS version, but iPadOS is a completely different animal. You have the ability to use multiple applications in the Slide Over menu, a modified home screen layout that includes the Today View widget, desktop level Safari, and multi-window applications. Now you can even use Split View on the same application, like opening two Google Docs side by side.

The first generation Apple pencil is compatible with this iPad, and remains an excellent and responsive tool. However, there is still no way to store it, unlike the second generation Apple Pencil that is magnetically attached to the iPad Pro, and still risks being cut in half each time you fill it through the Lightning port. Finally, the battery life is quite good. You will be able to use iPad for a maximum of three days with intermittent use, or one full work day if you will use it as your main device.

Apart from the drawbacks, iPad 10.2 is the best tablet that you can buy with a limited budget. It is powerful, has a fantastic operating system, and presents a solid battery life. You can get it with 32GB of memory at Best Buy for only $ 300, not $ 330.

Apple Watch Series 5 – starting at $ 384

Visually, nothing distinguishes Apple Watch Series 5 from its predecessor Series 4. Still uses the same square design and digital crown control system. The case is made of 100% recycled aluminum (suitable for the environmentally conscious), although this case is made of titanium, stainless steel, and ceramic if you have the money to splurge, with 44mm or 40mm size. Curved and ergonomic, small and light enough to make you feel like you are not wearing it, and it won’t get stuck on your collar.

The biggest difference between the Series 5 and the previous Apple Watch iteration is its always-on display. This will always show the time and you no longer need to raise your wrist to wake the screen. This might sound silly and unimportant, but having to raise your hand is not polite inappropriate at all times, so we appreciate the slight improvement. Training statistics are also displayed immediately after you start exercising. For example, do some push-ups and the Watch will automatically display the appropriate metric. There are many watch faces to choose from, with designs ranging from elegant to unique. And if you think that an always-on display will greatly affect battery life, don’t worry. It is possible to get a full half day of one fee. Refilling takes about one hour.

Series 5 also has an internal compass, S5 processor which is even more powerful, and a much larger storage capacity. The interface is fun and easy to use. Using a digital crown to zoom in and out the application screen is very good, and haptic feedback provides a memorable tactile experience. All of your basic fitness tracker needs are met, plus a few others. It handles steps, calories, hourly movements, relaxation, VO2 Max data, hours spent standing, and sports tracking for various sports including swimming and biking, and even handles unusual activities such as yoga and elliptical training.

Perhaps the most important health feature of the Series 5 is the electrocardiogram monitor (ECG), which was first introduced in Series 4. This is not a heart rate monitor – which is useful for tracking fitness as well as for medical purposes – but instead is designed to be used when you feel irregularities in your heartbeat. After that there will give peace of mind to anyone who is worried about irregular heartbeats, because it will send a notification if something is detected.

Apple Watch Series 5 is almost perfect and is the best smart watch you can buy now. Get it at Best Buy starting at $ 384.

Apple Watch Series 5 (40mm) with Black Sport Band – $ 384, is $ 399:

Apple Watch Series 5 (44mm) with Black Sport Band – $ 414, is $ 429:

iPad Pro – starting at $ 800

If you are looking for something powerful to replace your laptop, take a look at the iPad Pro, our choice for the best tablet of 2020. It has many things to do with it, including a beautiful beautiful screen, beautiful aesthetic slim bezel, and almost desktop-grade performance ( although this model is not a new one).

This tablet comes in two sizes; 11-inch models and 12.9-inch large models. Naturally, the bigger iPad Pro costs more but is basically the same as the smaller under the hood (same processor, specifications, battery life, etc.). Even though it’s heavy, we like to use it to draw or watch movies. Currently, you can get an 11-inch iPad Pro with Best Buy for $ 800 than the usual $ 950, while the 12-inch version costs $ 100 more.

In terms of appearance, the iPad Pro follows the current design trends seen in most electronic devices. IPad Pro bezel is slim and symmetrical. Even though it feels big, it’s light enough to be used with one hand (well, almost). Just like the iPhone X, the home button is now gone. Unlocking the screen is done via Face ID, and you have to navigate the interface through swipes and gestures. In portrait orientation, you will find the power and volume rocker buttons on the right edge. Unfortunately, just like the latest iPhone, this one doesn’t have an audio jack.

The Retina LED screen has a resolution of 2,388 x 1,668-pixels and is amazing. The image looks very sharp, the color is bright, and gets lots of light even when outdoors. While blacks aren’t as deep as the OLED display on the iPhone XS, it’s still very pretty. It supports HDR content and has a screen refresh rate of 120 hz, so watching videos and working on this tablet is an absolute blast. Battery life is one of strong endurance. With a single charge, the iPad Pro can easily last a whole day with normal use.

IPad Pro is a workhorse of portable devices. This is powered by the powerful Aion B12 processor. Playing iPad Pro games that demand fast and smooth graphics, and Apple even claims the chip can process graphics input better than the Xbox One. Multitasking is also not a problem, because iPad Pro can handle heavy programs like Photoshop with relative ease. Although you might still want a desktop or laptop to run other programs, iPad Pro is better for professionals compared to the iPad Mini, iPad and iPad Air.

Perhaps most interesting for the iPad Pro is its exclusive compatibility with the second generation Apple Pencil. The other iPad only supports the first generation Apple Pencils, which you have to plug into the Information port to charge and which always risks being cut in half. Apple Pencil 2, on the other hand, can be filled without cables and magnetically attached to the iPad Pro frame.

The 11-inch iPad Pro – $ 800, is $ 950:

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro – $ 900, is $ 1,000:

MacBook Air 13.3 inches – $ 900, is $ 1,100

MacBook Air 2020
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MacBook Air is now thinner and lighter than before, but still has the same strength and solid build quality typical of Apple devices. However, nowadays, there are MacBooks and other laptops out there that are thinner and lighter. Even if it’s not a featherweight champion anymore, MacBook Air still has exceptional building quality, thanks to an environmentally friendly aluminum chassis. This is one of the sleek-looking laptops, with the same clean aesthetics as other MacBook members. The latest version of the MacBook Air usually sells for $ 1,100, but now you can buy it at Best Buy for $ 900 – a huge $ 200 discount.

MacBook Air looks almost exactly like the previous one, with some significant hardware and software updates. Older versions are equipped with one Thunderbolt 2 port and two USB 3 ports; the latest one has two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports. Although both models have a 13-inch LED-backlit screen, the newer MacBook Air screen is further enhanced by Apple’s True Tone technology. The screen now has the power to adapt to the light of your environment to make images appear more natural, with accurate colors that are not too saturated. This is not the best screen we encountered on a MacBook, (the honor fell to MacBook Pro), because it’s not as bright as we had hoped, but it still looks fantastic.

Working side by side with an Intel i5 processor, this MacBook Air has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. It proved fast and performed well when given normal daily workflow tasks, such as streaming video, working in Photoshop, word processing, and web search. However, we saw a slight slowdown when we had several browsers, applications and programs open simultaneously, but not enough to cause concern.

MacBook Air can last up to eight hours with light web browsing. Although it’s not a bad number, it’s far from the Huawei MateBook X Pro, which succeeded in 9.5 hours in our tests.

If you are determined to buy a MacBook but don’t want to spend too much money, then MacBook Air is for you. This is a comprehensive portable laptop that offers solid performance and premium build quality. Get the latest version of MacBook Air for $ 900.

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