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Are other people really excited about monkeys?


on Friday, Apple Store Added “Survivor”, this is a new adventure game of Team17, this is the ancient British studio behind the worm, and recently Overcooked. This is a follow-up to the studio’s previous game “Escape from Reality”.The survivors joined Apple Arcade More and more 130+ games.

In “The Survivalist”, you find yourself sinking on an island with no memory and lack of resources. Find a shelter and start making tools-basic tools at first, but the longer you play, the more complex the tools. Act alone, or cooperate with other drifters on the island, take risks, find and trade loot.

Survivalist 3



Without a cute animal companion, what would an adventure be? Taming the monkeys on the island may be of great help to the game: as the environment changes from day to night, monkeys can help build and monitor predators.

Survivalists remind me of the old 16-bit Sega Genesis game. For children and parents of the early gaming generation, this can be a fun game.

Watch the trailer here:

You can also check the latest updates of these four games on Apple Arcade immediately:

Patterning 110 new modes and achievements have been added, many of which are from the “Around the World” series, which highlights a set of modes customized by selected artists to show maps, landmarks and cultures of specific countries or regions.

Super super mini party There are now five new one-on-one mini games for players to compete with each other around the world. Unlock new games by searching for islands and adding them to your personal collection. There is also a new character “Ice Cream Man” and an invitation option to play with friends.

Lehman Mini There are 20 new levels and a music mode.

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The Apple event is confirmed to take place on Facebook and Twitter on October 13…


With release Apple Store, Apple enters The mobile gaming world a year ago.Subscription to the game service costs $5 (£5, AU$8) per month, allowing you to play more 130 new and exclusive games Span iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV.

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