Facebook accidentally locked some users into its new Oculus headset | Instant News

Facebook said a series of reports stated that buyers were unable to use virtual reality headsets due to Facebook accounts being suspended, so a “small number” of customers were locked out of the new Oculus Quest 2 headsets. On Twitter, Urge users to contact Oculus If they have problems.

Such as Upload VR Reported yesterday, Users complained that they were suspended for unclear reasons when they tried to set up Quest 2. For example, there is a poster on the Oculus subreddit, Description is forbidden After creating a Facebook page for the first time and merging it with an existing Oculus account. “I logged into the Facebook website to lock my profile because I had no intention of using social media sites, and within a few minutes of merging my account and changing my profile settings, I was banned from my account without any reason or reason , Come to think of it,” the user told edge In an email-make Quest 2 the “new white paperweight”. Others in the subreddit are blocked because of their own experiences.

Quest 2 is the first Oculus headset that requires a Facebook login instead of a separate Oculus account. Many existing customers used Oculus accounts on previous headsets, and setting up Quest required them to be merged-for some users, this process is far from seamless. Oculus promised in a statement Upload VR But this will not permanently damage access to purchased games. The spokesperson said: “If someone has trouble logging in to Quest 2 with their Facebook account, they may temporarily lose access to the content, but once these login issues are resolved, they will be able to access its content.”

New Oculus buyers who are already Facebook users may see fewer problems because they are only prompted to register through Facebook without merging any accounts.

The possibility of lock-in is a known risk of Oculus Quest 2. Oculus Quest 2 was released in September and shipped yesterday. Facebook requires people to use their real names on its services and suspends accounts that it believes to be untrue. If users send pictures of a driver’s license or other identification, it may restore them to their original state, but due to Facebook’s sheer size, the process may be slow, unattended or fail.

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