This incredible port of Disco Elysium Game Boy can also be played on PC | Instant News

To celebrate the first anniversary of Disco Elysium, a fan remade the first part of the game in the style of the original Nintendo Game Boy. This port can be played online for free on desktop or mobile devices, but of course the best way to celebrate is to play on the actual Game Boy, which you can do by downloading a ROM and loading it into a flash box.

Although you will not be able to play the entire game, the unofficial Game Boy port allows you to choose a prototype and operate in a clear version of the initial sequence and game parts, supplemented by slightly shortened dialogues and adapted dice. . Scroll mechanism and intuitive arrow key controls. This may make you want to go back and play Disco Elysium again, but is this really a bad thing?After all, we rank it in Best games of 2019.

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