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apple HomePod As the only smart speaker in Cupertino’s product line, it has existed independently for more than two years.Therefore, it is not surprising that with the popularity of smart speakers, Apple will launch in a smaller and cheaper form Mini HomePod.

Revealed as iPhone 12 The announcement stated that the HomePod Mini is undoubtedly a smaller and cheaper version of its larger equivalent. But this is not only a streamlined version of HomePod, but also some of its own features that may really attract Apple fans. Read on to learn how HomePod mini measures to reach the breakdown of the original HomePod.

HomePod mini vs HomePod: price and availability

Homepod Mini and HomePod

(Image source: Apple)

At least compared with HomePod, HomePod mini also comes with a mini price tag. The $99 price is one-third of the $299 HomePod price.This price makes HomePod mini a new Google product Nest Audio as well as Amazon Echo Dot 2020 The speaker, it also has a spherical design like the HomePod mini.

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