Surface Laptop Go vs. Envy x360 13: Which “affordable” laptop is best? | Instant News

We are always eager to cover flagship know XPS 13, MacBook Pro with Ghost x360 -The staff of more than $1,000 demonstrated the cutting-edge functions of the industry. Does everyone need to buy one of these expensive laptops? Absolutely not. Google proved Chromebook, A cheap but fast alternative that can complete most daily tasks. But what about Windows 10? For a while, finding a Windows laptop for less than $1,000 was not easy. But in recent months, with the advent of HP Envy x360 and Microsoft Surface Laptop Go, this situation has changed.

HP’s Envy x360 13 When it was launched at the beginning of the year, it became our favorite “affordable” laptop. It provides users with almost the same experience as the more expensive and more advanced Spectre x360 siblings, but the price is only $800. The design is beautiful, the screen is beautiful, the keyboard is comfortable and the AMD chip is fast.

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