Intel just upgraded to Celeron 6000 series based on Tiger Lake 10nm process | Instant News

Intel has successively released a set of chipsets this year. The semiconductor manufacturing giants seem to be revitalizing themselves. This wafer maker has already launched the latest Tiger Lake series this year, which is based on its new 10nm process chipset.

Earlier we mentioned that Intel just released Pentium Gold 7505 Now based on 10nm process And benefit from the Tiger Lake family.

Well, it looks like Intel just restored another processor and upgraded it to the new Tiger Lake series. The new processor to be updated this time is Celeron 6305.Compared with the previous processors, the new processors are not exaggerated in specifications, but include Tiger lake The family greatly promoted its construction.

As previously reported, the new dual-core Celeron 6000 series is clearly based on the latest 10nm SuperFin architecture process. The base clock speed is said to be 1.8GHz. However, the chipset includes an improved 11day gen integrates UHD graphics and has a 4MB smart cache.

The new 6305 can now drive up to 8K at 60Hz on DisplayPort, and it also supports 4K at 60Hz via HDMI.

However, even after including the Tiger Lake architecture, the company did not provide Turbo Boost. However, the new processor now comes with Intel deep learning Boost, Gaussian and Neural Accelerator 2.0 and volume management device technical support.

The new Tiger Lake-based Celeron now supports Intel Intelligent Sound Technology, HD Audio and MIPI. These devices, which will be based on a new batch of processors, will now support the latest AI and processing functions, while also supporting better sound.

The new Intel Celerons also supports PCIe Gen 3 and Thunderbolt 4. All this proves Intel’s determination to improve its older CPU series and migrate to future technologies.


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