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Guard dressed in fire department equipment

In most cases, when you find a Land Rover with a history of nearly thirty years, it has either been frustrated by hard work or serious playing, or it has been restored to a new car. This is especially true for people who have worked at work all their lives.

Daily selection is a rare exception, 1992 Land Rover Defender 110 After spending his career in a German fire station, the station wagon has clearly maintained its original condition.

Land Rover

There must not be too many emergency calls in the area, because this unique Landie drove the original 8,000 miles (the odometer shows 13,000 kilometers).

“She has been polished by a rookie indoors all her life. In a car rental company in the Federal State of South Germany,” the Aiken dealer in South Carolina advertises on a truck “The defender is in impeccable condition and has the least mileage on the market.”

Land Rover

The Defender is a long-wheelbase 4X4 model with a left-hand drive device and is equipped with accessories required by the firefighting company. According to the text on the door, the accessory comes from Laurain. The word Freiwillage Feuerwehr hangs on the door, which translates to “Volunteer Fire Brigade” in English.

“With all the feuerwehr toys still intact, including the lights, Spotlights, winches, lighthouses and storage boxes”, the seller pointed out.

The truck is powered by a V8 engine and a manual gearbox. Three stems have sprouted on the floor for shifting, four-wheel drive and shifting to low gear.

Although the Land Rover fire truck is full of good conversations, the seller said that it can “customize” the truck in any way the next owner likes, presumably reducing inventory. But considering that this is a very interesting truck in a time warp, this seems like a waste.

In fact, those big storage boxes on the roof will come in handy In the remote forest adventure, with a built-in climbing ladder, you can stand there. The seats and dashboard should look new.

Land Rover

There is not much information in the advertisement, such as how the German Fire Land Rover closed in South Carolina, but even without these relevant details, the truck looks very special.

The asking price seems to be reasonable $ 85,000 in comparison The price guide value of Land Rover Defender 110 that seems to be in good condition. According to your opinion, feuerwehr gears and regalia will increase or decrease their value and may be of particular interest to collectors of firetruck.

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