Porsche has remade a real-life car through the “Cyberpunk 2077” video game | Instant News

Not long ago, we covered Awesome ford mustang resto-mod Commissioned by the creator of the upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077, Modified to be similar to one of the star cars in the game.

Now, Porsche itself is making a copy of itself, which is the real version of the protagonist Johnny Silverhand’s 911 Turbo.

Although most vehicles Cyberpunk 2077 Not a real manufacturer, but the creation of a video game designer, One This car is absolutely genuine, this is a Porsche 911 Turbo played by Keanu Reeves, driven by the protagonist.

Due to the cooperation between Projekt Red and Porsche, the vehicle in the game perfectly replicates the real thing. Therefore, Porsche believes that it can wrap a real 1977 911 Turbo, so it looks like a car in the game. .

The Porsche in the race is not as wild as many other cars, but it lacks excitement and gets more details. Every inch of the vehicle is perfectly reproduced, even including the engine compartment. Although there are some changes that can push the seemingly 100-year-old car into the future, including biofuel conversion. And a special gearbox that can drive automatically.

Unfortunately, unlike the awesome Mustang, you cannot have this.you were able However, please keep watching, because Porsche will display the car outside the Stuttgart Museum. This is the front page of the virtual copy, and the real copy at the top of the paragraph will be displayed until October 22.

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