Bunge shuts down Destiny 2 cheating sellers | Instant News

One of the main issuers of Destiny 2 cheating has been stopped and terminated by Bungie. Perfect Aim is subscribed to sell aimbots and other tools on a monthly basis, but due to some legal pressure from the developer, the company’s Destiny 2 product has been removed.

“Destiny 2” part website It has now been replaced with a message explaining Bungie‚Äôs actions. “Bungie, Inc. (“Bungie”) filed a claim that the product violated the game’s license agreement. In addition, we were asked to stop and stop selling the product. “We will not comment on whether these claims are reasonable, but regardless Any decision to comply with this requirement. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers. “

In addition to targeting robots, Perfect Aim also provides ESP, so you can see “unique and powerful anger features” through the wall, which can significantly improve your abilities. First-person shooter. These are rolling monthly fees, so you can access customer service and keep anti-detection software at the forefront. Obviously, any preventive measures taken by Perfect Aim are not enough.

Bungie is not the only developer who has been active in scam sellers.Activision Legal action against providers of “Call of Duty” cheating It’s the same recently. We can only hope that this becomes more common in the fight against cheaters and hackers.

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