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We did it, for us. We have another week, boy, every week! Each of us has an Apple occasion, Golden day At the same time, I tell you-it is exhausting for all of us in iMore, Android Central and Home windows Central. Hope you got some good offers during these two golden days-the holiday buying season has begun.

But let’s talk about the huge… Apple iPhone 12 occasion. We will launch 4 new iPhones: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Professional and iPhone 12 Professional Max. Personally, I have pre-ordered iPhone 12 Professional and I can’t wait to get it this Friday! Actually, I actually want a mini size, but I want a professional digital camera option. I hope that Apple can simply make a small phone with professional options, and I do know that I am not alone!However, I do know that our personal Lory Gil is ecstatic about the iPhone 12 mini-she is the biggest fan of the unique iPhone SE I know [Managing editor’s notice: It is simply so darn cute!].

The golden day may be over, but these 25 offers are still available now!

Although I purchased the iPhone 12 Professional, I am disappointed that Apple is again disappointed with the completely different cameras on Professional and Professional Max. As a person who is eager to have the absolute best digital camera on his smartphone, I used to like the iPhone 12 Professional Max very much because it will not be available for pre-order until November 6, and the release date is November 13. In the past few years, I have been using Plus size phones and after using large size devices for a long time, my arms feel cramped. So I ended up buying an ordinary iPhone 12 Professional just to get a small arm. However, I am undoubtedly very upset. In these 12 months, I will not get the “biggest” iPhone digital camera.

In fact, when iPhone 11 Professional and iPhone 11 Professional Max have the same camera, I cherish it very much, the only difference is the display size. Since I aspire to have a smaller, more manageable size machine, I don’t need to sacrifice the power of a digital camera, and everyone is happy. When I found out that the iPhone 12 Professional and Professional Max would have completely different cameras, I was actually disappointed by the disillusionment-as far as I was concerned, it looked like a step forward. I mean I get it — a larger size can accommodate a larger sensor, but why should I drive someone to use a ridiculously sized digital camera when it’s not convenient to take action? sigh. Maybe Apple will return with the iPhone 13, which is no less than the only thing I hope.

Let’s discuss the HomePod mini! It is undoubtedly cute, and to be honest, the biggest impact is the value tag—only $99. I used to expect it to be no less than three digits, maybe $150. However, at a price of 99 US dollars, its price is quite reasonable, I know I will choose no less than one or two for my residence, especially for the new intercom function, because you will be able to submit a voice message to Various Apple units. I can see that this is useful when I want to inform my husband (his house is working properly) without having to get up from the desk.

I did not see AirTags or AirPods Studio shocked me a bit, but I am pretty sure it is only a matter of time. From the perspective of the problem, it seems that we may have another Apple Occasion for Apple Silicon Macs next month. Maybe it should also point out AirTags or AirPods Studio additionally? I think we must go and see.

Anyway, I am very excited! I bought the iPhone 12 Professional pre-order correctly at 5 a.m. Pacific time last Friday, so now it can almost participate in ready-made sports. Have you ordered iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Professional? Or are you ready to use iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 12 Professional Max? let me know!

-Christine Romero Chen

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