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Let’s take a look Pokemon Sword and Shieldof Crown Tundra Expansion in Pokemon Company Latest video presentation, But this is not all that the company discussed on the radio.At the end of the video, it also confirmed Pokemon go Compatibility will be added to Pokemon House Before the end of the year, this means that soon you will be able to transfer the monsters you encounter in mobile games to Sword and Shield.

The Pokemon Company did not specify when it will be compatible, but it did confirm that it will be launched before the end of 2020.Once added, you can Transfer Pokemon You are trapped in Pokemon directly into Pokemon Home, and from there into Sword or Shield (if the Pokemon appears in Galar Pokedex).Previously, the only way to transfer Pokemon from “home” to “home” was through Pikachu, let’s go, Eve, But this only applies to the first generation of monsters.

The Pokemon Company has not elaborated on how this transfer process works, but there are some caveats. First, the company pointed out that “certain special Pokémon” are not transferable. Presumably, this applies to dressed-up Pokémon and other such special monsters that appear in certain “Pokemon Go” events. Each transmission can only work in one way. Any Pokémon brought in from “Falling Home” cannot restore its original game.

Other wrinkles may also appear during this process. Sereb The report pointed out that the Japanese Pokemon support website mentioned that transferring Pokemon from Go may cost PokeCoins. After the player transfers the Pokemon from “Home” to “Family”, it seems that there will be a cool-down period, which can be shortened by spending PokeCoins. It is not clear how much PokeCoins this will cost.

If you do transfer Pokemon from the mobile game to the family, you will get some bonuses. First, you will get the “Mystery Box” in Pokemon Go. When opened, the mythical Pokemon Meltan will spawn in the wild for a limited time, allowing you to catch it.You can learn more about how the process works on our website Meltan Guide.

Gigantamax Melmetal

The most important thing is that you will get a special mysterious gift in “Pokemon Home”: Melmetal, the evolutionary form of Meltan. This special Melmetal has the function of Gigantamaxing, making it a very powerful complement to your product range. Gigantamax Melmetal’s G-Max Move is called G-Max Meltdown, which is a steel type attack that can cause damage and prevent the opposite Pokémon from continuously using the same move.

At the same time, Crown Tundra DLC will be launched on October 22. This expansion will take you to the Crown Tundra of the same name, which is an Arctic region, where you will be appointed as the leader of the expedition by a man named Peony.Crown Tundra is also home to every legendary Pokemon in the series’ previous games, as well as a few New legend Examples include Galarian Articuno, Zaptos and Moltres.

Finally, to celebrate the arrival of Crown Tundra, the Pokemon Company Give away some special Pikachu Wearing different hats from Ash’s anime series. These Pikachus are being distributed on different Pokemon social media channels through passwords. There are currently six types of Pikachu wearing hats that can claim compensation, and there are more claims this can see All free Pikachu codes Here.

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