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of Snapdragon 875 It is Qualcomm’s first 5nm chip, and it is likely to be released in December.

Although it is not clear why LG decided not to release a real flagship smartphone in the first half of next year, there may be two reasons.

Qualcomm has been steadily increasing the price of its flagship chip, and the story may be no difference this year. This has prevented some smart phone manufacturers from using 800 series chips, which may also be the reason for LG’s decision.
In addition, this may be related to LG’s new products strategy. Since ancient times, the smartphone division of the tech giant has been wasting money, and recently it has shaken everything up in order to become profitable.
Previously, the company had released Two flagship series One year: the first half is the G series, and the second half is the V series.
along with LG Velvet This year, this is a 5G-enabled mobile phone powered by Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 765G SoC. The G series has been discontinued and the company has also launched Explorer projectAccording to the plan, the company plans to release experimental equipment with differentiated appearances, such as Left wing.

LG’s next flagship phone may carry the rumored Snapdragon 775G

Although LG seems to have no intention of releasing a phone powered by Snapdragon 875 in the short term, it has already ordered Snapdragon 775G in bulk.

of Snapdragon 775G According to reports, it will replace Snapdragon 765G. It is said that it will be based on the 6nm architecture, and compared with Snapdragon 875, it will have more mid-range chips. According to reports, compared with Snapdragon 765G, it will provide 40% CPU speed and 50% graphics performance improvement.
The company currently has a Extension phone Among the glimpses it has already provided, it is expected to land in the first half of 2021. Its price may be around $1,000 or more.
If you are unwilling to spend so much money on your phone, the company may also launch high-end phones for the mass market, such as velvet Next year’s price will be between $599 and $999.

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