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  • iPhone 12 sales have just begun, and mobile phones Sold out. But the first rumors about the future iPhone have emerged.
  • A reliable leaker said that Apple plans to restore one of the iPhone’s most popular features: the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.
  • If the leak is indeed accurate, the iPhone 13 may be the first iPhone with both Touch ID and Face ID.

The iPhone 12 just arrived here, but we already have exciting rumors about future models, let’s talk. After all, as we all know, the development of the next-generation iPhone will start about a year before the launch of the latest phone, so Apple must have already been working on the iPhone 13 prototype in its secret laboratory.

We already have what may be one of the most exciting iPhone rumors in years. It comes from a mysterious source that provides many incomprehensible clues to unreleased Apple devices. Many of the facts in these clues are true, and the person now says that Apple may be developing features that iPhone fans like.

In the months before the launch of the iPhone X, a large number of leaks said The phone will be equipped with an in-display fingerprint sensor So Apple can use the full-screen design and give up the home button. As we get closer and closer to September 2017, it is clear that Touch ID will disappear and Face ID will replace it. I have explained more than once why Face ID is better and more intuitive than Touch ID, and I don’t want to go back to devices that only use Touch ID.

Of course, the pandemic followed and the situation changed dramatically. 3D face recognition cannot be used with the mask enabled, and you need to use a regular PIN to unlock the phone and any other content protected by a password. It turns out that this is an annoying trifle.

The Twitter account L0vetodream, which some fans may be familiar with, just posted the following tweet:

Until you remember that Mesa is the internal code name of Touch ID, “iPhone MESA uts” may look like a series of typos, and “uts” may stand for “below the screen.”

Many rumors of iPhone X claim that the phone will have Touch ID in the display, which is convincing because Apple has developed several ways to read fingerprints through the display. Some rely on ultrasound, some rely on optics. Since then, we have seen the path of Android phones under the display. In fact, only a handful of them try to replicate the more elegant but more expensive 3D face recognition system.

Last month, Apple confirmed that it did not give up Touch ID and added The unprecedented fingerprint sensor of the new iPad Air. The power button is the first to install the Touch ID sensor in an iOS device. Just like MacBook Air and Pro.

This solution is very effective during the pandemic, and the health crisis will continue for at least a year or even longer. When Apple started working on the iPhone 12, there was no pandemic. By the time COVID-19 is issued, Apple may have been far beyond the point where it cannot be returned. The design, specifications and supply chain of the iPhone 12 may have been completed.

But Apple has time to add Touch ID to the iPhone 13. The leaker did not indicate which iPhone will debut the feature. In the past, we have reported that Apple will be equipped with Touch ID and Face ID on the same iPhone, and plans to upgrade in 2021. These rumors predate the COVID-19 pandemic, so Apple must have been studying the technology. For a while. As Apple fans now know, Apple will not release any innovations until it feels the technology is reliable and publicly available. AirPower is an exception, further strengthening the rule.

There are also reports that Apple is developing a gapless iPhone. This is a design decision, which means that the selfie camera will enter the bottom of the screen, hoping to appear with the Face ID component.

Like Apple’s rumors, no matter how reliable Apple’s publishers are, everything is final before Apple’s debut.

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