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MagSafe is one of the quietest features on the new iPhone 12.


apple Magnetic safety, Which enables you to Magnetically attached to accessories,maybe iPhone 12 series Bring you the most direct impact. Knowing that the company-and the entire wireless industry-spent a lot of time, Focus on 5G.

I almost want to write this book.After all, since 2015, I have been discussing the nature of 5G that may change the rules of the game, when I first wrote Verizon intends to conduct field tests on ultrafast cellular technology.But the truth is The initial deployment does not represent a huge increase in speed, And your first use of 5G may cause a shrug.

On the other hand, MagSafe can provide some obvious benefits no matter where you are or whether you are near the correct cell phone tower. MagSafe connection charges faster than before iPhone mobile phone, Equivalent to Android’s fast charging function Cell phone Have long enjoyed it. And, it sounds stupid, it’s cool to watch the phone click into place and visually confirm that you haven’t messed up the placement of the device.

IDC analyst Ramon Llamas said: “There is no doubt that the best position is.

MagSafe has exciting long-term potential.The magnetic pin on the back of the phone traces back to other attempts to promote the accessory ecosystem, from Motorola’s Moto Mods to Basic phone PH-1 Modular camera. None of these companies have moved enough phones- necessaryEspecially the complete failure-aroused the interest of many accessory manufacturers to take risks. Most of the time, we will get additional battery packs.

Apple’s scale changed everything.

Pave the way

Apple’s huge influence-Strategy Analytics estimates that 180 million products will be sold next year-means a potentially huge market for those who wish to make MagSafe accessories. For those who are looking for accessories beyond basic wireless charging stations, the opportunities are particularly abundant. Think about game controllers, camera handles, selfie sticks, and wireless rechargeable battery packs. They may change the way we hold or interact with the iPhone.

Deniz Teoman, Apple’s vice president of hardware systems engineering, said in his speech: “We can’t wait to see others use MagSafe’s innovative ways to create a strong and expanding ecosystem.” Apple demo Tuesday.

That is not an exaggeration. From mobile payments to wireless charging, Apple can popularize and legalize technological trends.where Motorola And if Essential fails to meet the requirements, Apple can promote the concept of magnetic attachments.

According to Apple, Apple itself has applied for a patent for the protective cover of the work, which has an additional power source and can charge AirPods. Apple patent. Although these patents do not always produce products in the real world, they indicate the company’s future development direction.

Mobile phone accessory manufacturer a , Meanwhile, already Launched two MagSafe accessories, Can handle iPhone 12, Apple Watch with Apple Airpods, And a more traditional car mount. Belkin senior vice president Steve Malony (Steve Malony) said that the initial product is more “bread and butter” than the future accessories on the roadmap.

He laughed and said: “Some of the ideas we see are crazy on our desks.” “It will be fun to accept these ideas and put them into practice.”

Modular dream

MagSafe is like a spiritual successor Google’s Project Ara, a modular phone using magnets You can install smaller components on the earpiece and assemble like things in Lego bricks.

Modular is advertised as a potential breakthrough innovation in smartphones. LG I tried it with a G5 phone, so you can Swap out other accessories at the bottom of the device Like grips and high-fidelity speakers. The trend disappears as it rises, Google Put Suspended project, And then quietly scrap it. The G5 failed, so much so that LG launched a more traditional mobile phone next year.

z3-5g moto-way-1

5G Moto Mod gives Moto Z3 5G capabilities before any other device.

Derek Poore / CNET

Techsponential analyst Avi Greengart said: “The bigger problem is that a fully modular design is more attractive to engineers than to consumers.” “Smartphones are highly developed products that people buy Best phone They can afford what meets their needs now, not a platform to be patched later. “

Moto Mods represents a simplified version of the modular concept, providing a complete phone with different back covers that you can swap in and out.This concept makes Motorola’s Moto Z3 will be the first 5G phone on the Verizon network, Thanks to the 5G Mod on the back of the device. But even then, a Mod-free phone feels like half of the device, and the head is the core of the phone.

Apple has further improved it, providing a complete mobile phone in the iPhone 12, but you can choose a magnetic accessory.

Greengart said: “The simplicity of MagSafe is excellent.”

Malony called the emergence of MagSafe a “transitional period” for the accessories market, and he hopes that a series of different accessories will appear in the industry.

He said: “Such things changed the game.”

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