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As we prepare to hold elections again, among the concerns about COVID, racial inequality and economics, another issue has become the top concern of many voters-climate change.

even if 97% of scientists believe that the climate is warming due to human activities, The public questioned this strongly. Sadly, many times this boils down to partisan issues- 72% of Democrats and Democrats believe that human action contributes to climate change to a large extent, while only 22% of Republicans and Republicans. But this situation is gradually changing, especially among young people. More and more people view climate change as a scientific, ethical and moral issue rather than a political issue. Many Republicans have realized that climate is an important issue-for this election and for the future-in some cases, partisan divisions are gradually starting to disappear.

The government is not doing enough

according to Pew Research Center, Two-thirds of people believe that the government is not doing enough to deal with climate change. Although this belief is more to the left, it crosses the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

Overwhelmingly, young Republicans are leading the party’s allegations. Compared with the previous generation of Republicans, they are more likely to believe that human activities have a major impact on climate change, and more often believe that the government is not doing enough to protect parks, rivers, and air quality and mitigate the effects of climate change. climate change.

Republicans fight climate change

Benji Backer is the founder and president of the foundation U.S. Conservation Union.He himself is very conservative Traveling to the U.S. Urges other Republicans to take climate change seriously. He even drafted the conservative representatives of the Green New Deal- U.S. Climate Contract.

The Republican Party has led several climate change legislation.US Senator John Barraso (R-WY) sponsored Carbon Capture Act Converts atmospheric carbon dioxide into usable products. US Senators Lisa Merkowski (R-AK) and Joe Manchin (DW.Va) Co-sponsored a bill to develop zero-emission geothermal energy.Merkowski also sponsored Carbon Capture Act-Creation Act.Across the two parties Climate Solutions Core Group Established in the Senate in 2019 to combat climate change.

How to view the cross-political divide

Recently, a team of researchers from George Washington University and North Carolina Central University conducted a the study, Published in the magazine Science communication, On how to treat climate change as a non-partisan issue. They let participants in 2015 watch an episode of the National Geographic documentary “Years of dangerous lifeIn terms of solar energy, coal use and deforestation. Participants were surveyed before and after the study.

Before watching the documentary, Democrats are more likely to understand the risks of climate change and believe they can take action to combat climate change. After watching the documentary, the differences between the two sides disappeared.

The author points out the power of narrative stories.they Mentioned Those who know the story best are more likely to understand the risks of climate change and the measures they can take.

Dr. Ashley Bieniek-Tobasco (Ashley Bieniek-Tobasco), The main author of the study, Said “Participating in storytelling can be a powerful tool to combat polarization. If used in the right way, it can also promote changes in political behavior, thereby changing the building of political will to implement policy solutions to address climate change, and ultimately protect our health .”


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