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Picture: Blizzard)

snowstorm Is seeking to reduce the further development of real-time strategy games Starcraft 2.

recently Blog post, The developer announced that it will stop the production of “purchased content” for the game in the near future. Although balance adjustments and other updates will remain a priority, no new content will be produced for this title. Instead, the team will focus on further development of the “next step.”

Blizzard wrote: “We will continue to support StarCraft 2 in the same way as our previous long-term games (such as Lair Wars), focusing on what our core and competitive communities care most about.” We will not produce additional procurement content, such as commanders and war chests, but we will continue to prepare season tickets and gradually solve the necessary balance issues.”

There will be no further updates this year, but future updates will be made “as needed” in the future. As far as players expect, Blizzard pointed out that it is essentially liberated from brainstorming ideas and has expanded from “StarCraft 2” to “the entire “StarCraft” universe.”

Since the independent expansion pack, since 2015 “StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void” Debut however, StarCraft: Remake Debuted in 2017, it provides new and old players with a way to experience the original game, which started everything with modern graphics and other important updates.

It is not clear whether Blizzard will continue to move forward, but as the era ends, some major developments are expected.

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