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Li-The police said that the suspect in the shooting in the shopping mall on Saturday was a felon, and he possessed multiple stolen guns and large amounts of ammunition.

Lee police Lieutenant Donald Lalibet said Sunday: “I am grateful that this situation will not get worse, because it will definitely happen.” He expressed his gratitude and no one was hurt.

La Libert said the charges against Gordon Falt, 27, of Maine, are still being finalized. He allegedly fired a pistol into the air several times on Saturday.

He said that Falter is expected to face multiple felonies, including lethal weapons, at least five felony reckless acts, theft of certain property (all guns) and theft of misdemeanor assets (mainly ammunition).

Lalibet said Fatt faces at least two felony charges in Hancock County, Maine. Lalibet said he is expected to be arraigned in Stratford County Superior Court on Monday.

When the incident occurred on Saturday, market shoppers in the Lee Market Plaza Shopping Center were busy at the grocery store and many other stores. The incident lasted more than two hours at noon. Shoppers were locked in shops throughout the square, and Fatt allegedly shot into the air several times.

Worried family members gathered in a nearby parking lot on Saturday and asked their spouses and children to shop and work in the store during the lockdown. Shoppers describe them being moved to the back of the store and hiding behind showcases.

La Libert said that on Sunday the authorities were still trying to figure out why Fat was at Li’s house. He was taken to Wentworth-Douglass Hospital on Saturday for evaluation.

Lalibet said that Falter will be sent to a hospital or Stratford County Jail and will not be released on bail unless he is arraigned. According to the police, Falk is from Bar Harbor.

Larrybert said that Officer Lee was assisted by the police departments of Barrington, Nottingham, Durham and Stratford, as well as the Sheriff of Stratford, NH Fish and Game, Stella Assistance from the Ford Tactical Unit and Coastal Emergency Response Team.

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