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Picture: Asus)

Asus Will be based on Up to An anime series based on the long-term mecha series.

Its latest product range includes ASUS ROG Strix 3090 Gundam Edition graphics card.This is a special model that not only provides typical expected performance ROG RTX 3090 Strix GPU, But it is equipped with interesting, Gundam-centric colors.

The main body is white with red, blue and gold decorations. For those who do not like this series of products, it may be difficult to understand why it is so important, but for those who like the classic mecha series, this color scheme and design will immediately recall what it took the day before time. Over the years, TV has taken some awesome actions.

The GPU was first shown in a special game event with ASUS as the theme. As if it is difficult to protect your own RTX 3090 GPU, these special versions will be more scarce and expensive. The price of GPU alone is RMB 16,999, equivalent to RMB 2,538.

Unfortunately, this expensive premium is not far from the typical RTX 3090 GPUs requested by some dealers, but we can expect that these GPUs are practically non-existent.

Currently, this product and other ASUS mobile suit-themed peripherals (such as motherboards, power supplies, or chassis) cannot be used outside of Asia. Importing is obviously an option, but how difficult it is to buy these coveted graphics cards, even if it may be a bit difficult at the moment.

I hope that Asustek believes it is suitable to eventually push these products to the West.

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