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Clay may last until mid-November

You probably shouldn’t enter Yuan Zhen shock To collect the thinking mode of each character.

Although the game is quite generous in allowing players to experience the entire campaign without spending a dime, it is a gacha game after all, so looping in and out of characters is part of the game’s framework. For this reason, one of the first party members associated with gacha, Venti, has been eliminated. Klee, a bomb-wielding madman, is stepping in.

Klee is now live as part of the “Sparking Steps” tagline, which is the fancy name of one of the gacha menu options Yuan Zhen shock. You need to make “hope” in this banner to catch the five-star “pull” (reward) Klee. Thankfully, this game is free and you don’t need all these characters to progress. Even the FOMO angle is true.

As you can see in the first video below, she kicks her ass a bit: showing many slow trails to people far away from the target, which blow up in the end. She could have graced my party, but because I didn’t spend any money on the game; if she didn’t show up, she wouldn’t show up.

So what’s the next step in the game? Well, we will get a major update on November 11th and another major update on December 23rd. Klee is expected to be eliminated the day before.

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