Microsoft explores realistic VR haptics with wrist gadgets | Instant News

The design of Haptic PIVOT may seem a bit silly, but it can recreate the feeling when you first touch an object. This is the current haptic controller, including the haptic controller with a glove design, which is difficult to replicate in reality.

Another advantage of PIVOT is that the handle retracts when not in use. Microsoft says it allows you to use it with a keyboard and mouse. It is easy to imagine how this feature allows you to use it with another VR controller, thereby bringing interesting opportunities for game developers. “Introducing the wrist form factor or design into our products provides an opportunity to provide a wider range of actions without disturbing the physical environment around the player,” said the design team.

To be clear, Haptic PIVOT is a research project, and we may never see Microsoft commercialize the design. But this may inspire other companies to solve the VR tactile problem in similar innovative ways.

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