Dastardly Trickbot botnet is almost defeated by Microsoft and its security partners | Instant News

of Stunt robot Botnets are in an important position.All Microsoft The US Military Cyber ​​Command has all targeted Trickbot this year, hoping to dismantle it. Microsoft claims, “As of October 18, [they’ve] Working with partners around the world, we eliminated 94% of Trickbot’s critical operating infrastructure. ”

A few weeks ago, the U.S. Military Cyber ​​Command was able to Attack the Trickbot server. On the other hand, Microsoft reported that they were able to disable them completely. Microsoft identified 69 servers for Trickbot and was able to disable 62 servers for command and control. The other seven servers are “Internet of Things” (Internet of Things) Equipment as part of the infrastructure. Microsoft is currently actively working to reduce these losses.

New stunt robot
Global Trickbot server

As the initial 62 servers were disabled, the criminals behind Trickbot “crushed to replace the infrastructure [Microsoft] Initially disabled. “Microsoft was able to identify 59 new servers trying to be added to the Trickbot network. Except for one server, all the other servers were disabled, which shut down 120 of the 128 servers.

Tom Burt, vice president of Microsoft Customer Security and Trust, wrote: “This work has always been to disrupt Trickbot operations during peak election events-do our best to take action at critical moments-we work for ourselves I am encouraged to watch.” In any case, Microsoft expects this to be a constant fluctuation. Trickbot will always “look for a way to keep it working,” and Microsoft continues to fight it back. If you want to read about Microsoft’s “Defense Democracy Program”, please read their article. Website is here.

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