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Kolon There are many things. She is a cute anime girl. She is a dog. She is one of the most popular VTubers, A subset of YouTube personality With whom to stream Avatar-On the Internet.Now she is an Easter egg Eternal doom.

Apply the latest Eternal doom Patch, players can find a unique new secret Press the chainsaw button four times (Square on PlayStation 4, X on Xbox One, and C on PC) and click on the game’s “Runes” menu.This brings a slightly changed version Eternal doom The logo, now displayed as “Doug Eternity“, referring to Korone and her fan base.

Recently, Korone has attracted attention to the stream She can speak english Struggling Super Mario Bros, But a few months ago, she swept YouTube in a 2016 show doom Reboot. The game’s excessive use of violence and cute, c-humorous avatars combine to produce some amazing compilations, many of which are called “Doog Slayer” by Cologne because of their cunning canine-tooth appearance.

I don’t want to like this, but if Korone can’t help but smile every time he uses BFG-9000 in the warehouse, damn it doom Or made a mistake Super Mario Bros Very like Those ones Protect the animals cross Starting earlier this year, there is something special about conflating cuteness with brutality.


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