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It’s time to find some scary tricks and treats in Fortnite.

On Wednesday, this popular online game launched its annual fortress, This is a special event for Halloween. During this period, players will get some unique and scary items and skins for two weeks.

This year, Fortnitemares will run from October 21st to November 3rd. In addition to special skins and expressions, players will also use a new round of weapons and equipment to customize their avatars.

The following is the knowledge about 2020 Fortnitemares:

“Fortnitemares” 2020: What’s the difference?

This year’s theme is Midas’ Revenge, starring the boss Shadow Midas. The event will feature “shadows”. Players will become ghost-like life forms after being eliminated in solo, duo or squad mode. From there, players can try to conquer the living players and use wonderful techniques such as owning a car. Besides, when you are eliminated, the game is not over yet. You can continue to play the game, hunt and attack the remaining living players, and get rid of their loot-you can even win a nightmare escape as a shadow. To win Victory Royale in this version, you must eliminate all other living players and shadows.

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