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PUBG Corp. officially launched a new website today, focusing on the new knowledge they are looking for PlayerUnknown’s battlefield.If you want to browse the site, you can do so Here, Because the company is now trying to create a story around a game that has never existed before. We will not completely insult them working with fans, especially because some people actually explore the atmosphere they seem to want by observing a large number of ongoing experiments. That is to say, the strange thing is that I saw a game that has been running for three years, and now I am trying to integrate deeply into the two-dimensional content. Kill the enemies and survive in shrinking circles. To say the least, knowledge was added for a long time after the fact.

What does the bargaining chip mean? Why does everyone have the same hairstyle?Provided by PUBG Corp.

The focus of the new season 9 lore content is the “Unknown Mystery-Paramo” video narrated by respected actors Jonathan Frakes (“Star Trek”: The Next Generation Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction). “Mystery of the Unknown” explores the mysterious story of the archaeologist Dr. Burton Northrop and the mysterious city of Paramo in the Andes. This unknown city is shrouded in heavy fog and has an artifact called Paramo Stone. Fans can read new knowledge points articles, which can now be found on the knowledge points website: “Dr Northrop Expedition Magazine” and “Decrypt Paramo Stone”.in the process PUBG In season 9, a series of short stories will be announced on the website Mad Madholtra. Mad Malholtra is one of the Sanhok Four members previously announced in season 8. The role Jonathan Kamau (Jonathan Kamau).

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