Our PlayStation 5 has arrived-so far we can show you this content | Instant News

This morning PlayStation 5 Arrived at Ars Orbital headquarters, which means we can say a few words-emphasize “rarely”-as the launch date of the new console on November 12 gets closer.

First, look… on the box! You can keep your sight on the console box as long as you need.As part of our gaming console review agreement with Sony, we are not allowed to share any photos Inside Box, but we can confirm that there is indeed a running PlayStation 5 console there. (No cake)

But we really can’t say anything else about its content. Currently, any content similar to “Impression” is not available, so if Sony promotional videos or social media posts have not answered many of your questions, we will not be able to confirm and will not refuse. (Compared to one of Sony’s chief hardware engineers, our box is absolutely pale Take the entire PlayStation 5 apart. ) At least, we can enlarge the exquisite text of the frame, you can find them in the gallery above.

One of these images confirms exactly what you can expect, including a DualSense gamepad, Is a packaged copy of the new Sony game Astronomy Game Room, And HDMI and power cord. Strangely, the box did not confirm the rating of the HDMI cable.is it HDMI 2.1, To support the “4K/120fps” image in HDR claimed in the box, or is it scared of 8K? Or do new TV owners need to buy additional cables? Even at this point, we are not allowed to clarify.

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