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As Halloween approaches, epic games are infused Fort night There are a lot of weird smells. The Fortnitemares event requires you to complete several season challenges. Some of these are simple challenges that you should be able to complete quickly, while others may require more guidance and patience.

Completing these challenges will provide you with additional experience points required for the Season 4 Battle Pass.Have seen this season a lot of Respond to various challenges and have considerable time to complete all the work.

Below, we have summarized Fortnitemares challenges you may need help with and how to complete them. Here are some maps that indicate when you need to reach a certain point (in some cases, it is multiple locations), and we will let you know what benefits can be gained by accomplishing these goals.

Become a shadow

Shadow form

This year, one of the challenges facing Fortnitemares is to ask you Become a shadow. In this case, this is essentially a ghost. In the Fortnitemares playlist, this playlist temporarily replaces the standard Royale battle, and you will automatically become a shadow when you die. Perform this operation three times to complete the challenge. You can kill other players and recover your health by collecting weapons and building materials.

Completing this challenge will earn 40,000 experience points.

eating candies

Look for these bowls to find sweets
Look for these bowls to find sweets

Compared to some other dangerous Fortnitemares challenges, the challenge here seems more interesting: eating candies. Although this may be random, it is a fairly basic challenge. In order to complete it, you need to find a small candy jar where there is a house. Take one of them apart to reveal the candy, and then eat it. Do this 24 more times and you will complete the challenge.

Fortnite will not provide you with experience, but will perceive you with Midas Shadow weapon sets to complete this challenge.

Riding a witch’s broom

The location of the Fortnite Witch’s Hut is circled in orange
The location of the Fortnite Witch’s Hut is circled in orange

This may be one of the challenges that will give you some trouble during Fortnitemares 2020: Riding a witch’s broom. They are located in several huts around the Royal Royale map marked above, and they are actually inside the barrel. Break the barrel, sit on the broom, and fly 100 meters to complete it. Your main challenge is to go to these locations, because these locations may be crowded with players doing the same thing.

As with the first challenge, riding the witch’s broomstick will gain 40,000 experience points.

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