Surface Duo price match “crash” triggers controversy | Instant News

yesterday Microsoft launched Surface Duo has a significant discount of $200, Of course, this is great for new buyers, but the current owners of this old phone that has only been used for 6 weeks have been seriously ridiculed.

Many of them ask for a refund from Microsoft to match the new price, but as Brad Groux discovered, Microsoft would rather you return the phone (with a 60-day return window) and pay a new lower price (rather than a simple credit ) Make a purchase. the difference.

In the end, it seems that Brad did win and managed to get Microsoft to sign the ticket.

Microsoft’s policy is both a waste of time and resources for buyers, and a general waste, because it leads to second-hand equipment refurbishment that requires second-hand equipment.

The reason is not clear, but it is hoped that the turmoil will cause Microsoft to change its approach in the short term.

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