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its Halloween season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Which means your island may be preparing for some weird fun!This one Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Halloween Guide will provide you with information on new Halloween-themed items (and DIY recipes) discovered during the celebrations on the island, and provide a jack-of-all-trades for pumpkins! You need pumpkins to make Spooky DIY, so make sure you know what is necessary to make the island a fun scaring superstar.

How to grow pumpkins in a new horizon for Halloween

First, let’s talk about pumpkins!Pumpkin in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Work like a flower-start planting pumpkins, water a few times a day, and within three days you will harvest a fresh pumpkin. Each pumpkin starts with one to three pumpkins, depending on how many days you water it, and can produce one of the following four colors: orange, white, green, and yellow. The color of pumpkins is random, although orange seems to be the most common of the four colors.

Once the pumpkins sprout, they can be picked and used to make weird items, including:

  • Weird arch
  • Weird candy set
  • Weird chair
  • Weird lantern
  • Weird lantern set
  • Weird scarecrow
  • Weird standing lamp
  • Weird table
  • Weird tower

The complete DIY recipe for each project can be found below.

Purchase candies and lollipops to purchase exclusive Spooky and Jack items

At the same time, because you have been Crack in the corner For Pumpkin Start, you may have noticed that Timmy and Tommy are now also selling candy with Pumpkin Start. One purchase at a time, each cost 120 bel. The strange thing is that you can only buy one piece of candy per day, which means that between now and October 31, you have very little inventory in your inventory.

Starting at 5 pm on Halloween, Jack the “Halloween Tsar” will appear in front of the Resident Service Building to find helpers. Talk to him to volunteer, and then give him a piece of candy.He will give you gifts and trick or treat Animal Crossing: New Horizons About to start!

Now, each of your island residents will wear costumes looking for some sweets, and they will run to you as soon as they see you. Give them candy and they will give you an item from the Spooky set, although there are now some additional features that can only be used during trick or treat:

  • Weird floor
  • Weird wreath
  • Weird carpet
  • Weird table setting
  • Weird wall

In addition to Halloween items, if you have not received all these items or their DIY recipes before Halloween, then this is a good way to catch up.

Animal Crossing: Halloween New Horizons Guide: How to Obtain Weird Items, Pumpkin Start, Candies, Lollipops

However, sometimes you may receive lollipops instead of weird items. A lollipop is a special candy that happens to be the favorite of the czar. Bring the lollipop to Jack and you will receive a special gift!

This is a complete list of the items Jack will give you and how to get them:

  • Jack’s mask and distress reaction (after the first piece of candy)
  • Jack’s robe outfit and 10 orange pumpkins (after two pieces of candy)
  • Ghostly carriage (after the first lollipop)
  • Weird carriage recipe (after the second lollipop)
  • Strange magic wand recipe (after the third lollipop)

Keep trick or treat with friends on the island to get more lollipops and complete the Spooky settings Animal Crossing: New Horizons This Halloween!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween Weird Items Making Guide

Finally, this is a guide that contains Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween and the prerequisites for making each item, if you want to decorate the island for the holiday first. Please note that after the store upgrade, all these items are also included in Nook’s Crany, once a day. The purchase price is in parentheses next to the items below. Continue to check with Timmy and Tommy to see what’s available!

Weird arch (Buy 18,000 bells)

  • 10 orange pumpkins
  • 10 hardwood
  • 3 clay

The multi-branched arches decorated with bats and jack lanterns provide a perfect entrance to your haunted house!

Weird candy set (3,500 bells)

This cute setting includes a pumpkin-themed bucket filled with candies and an apple compote, perfect for the Halloween holiday.

Spooky carriage (Only available as a gift for Halloween Jack)

  • 30 orange pumpkins
  • 10 iron blocks
  • 20 hardwood
  • 20 cork
  • 20 wood

Although you cannot ride this Cinderella-style pumpkin carriage, it can indeed provide a good decoration for any autumn-themed display.

Weird chair (5,000 minutes)

  • 3 orange pumpkins
  • 3 cork

“Weird” may not be the correct description of this little pumpkin chair, so don’t be afraid to sit on it!

Weird fence (Only find recipes in message bottles, balloon gifts and villagers’ handicrafts)

  • 3 orange pumpkins
  • 5 iron blocks

This creepy fence is cool, but please note that it cannot be purchased from the store. Search for recipes all over the island!

Weird wreath (Can only be obtained by giving the villagers candies during Halloween)

  • 1 orange pumpkin
  • 1 clay
  • 1 iron block

Although you can only get this wreath from the troublemaker on the island, thankfully, it is not that difficult to make. Just hang up!

Weird lantern (5,600 bells)

The easiest weird recipe, just 4 orange pumpkins to put them on your front lawn on Halloween Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Weird lantern set (5,900 bells)

  • 4 orange pumpkins
  • 4 clumps of weeds

If you are more than satisfied with the lantern, add four weeds to the mixture, and now you have a second pumpkin and a hay bale that can make the decoration more vivid.

Weird scarecrow (5,200 bells)

If there is no scarecrow in the middle of your garden, what will happen to Halloween? There are no crow villagers…

Weird standing lamp (5,800 bells)

  • 3 orange pumpkins
  • 1 clay
  • 5 hardwood

Use this creepy lamp to illuminate the road for the troublemakers on the island.

Weird table (22,000 bells)

  • 14 orange pumpkins
  • 10 cork

This is the ideal table for true pumpkin fans, albeit expensive. If you want to grow pumpkins at home, start planting now!

Weird table setting (Can only be obtained by giving the villagers candies during Halloween)

  • 1 orange pumpkin
  • 1 clay
  • 1 iron block

If you want to use Spooky Table, you need to provide the correct settings for all guests. Trick or treat is the only way to get this candy, so please buy as many candy as possible!

Weird tower (9,800 bells)

Strangely, seven pumpkins are needed to create three towers. Where did the other four go? That is the real weird idea…

Weird wand (Only available as a gift for Halloween Jack)

  • 1 weird lantern
  • 3 star fragment

Save all your favorite Halloween costumes into this magic wand so you are ready to dress up at any time.

There are some weird items that cannot be made or purchased from Crany in Nook. They are as follows:

Weird floor (Only obtained by giving villagers candies during Halloween)

Weird carpet (Only obtained by giving villagers candies during Halloween)

Weird wall (Only obtained by giving villagers candies during Halloween)

Finally, remember how to produce four-color pumpkins after shooting? Although you only need orange pumpkins to make these items, customized These projects can be done with other pumpkin colors. If you prefer furniture with green, white or yellow pumpkins, you can use your choice of colored pumpkins instead of custom kits.

of Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Halloween event ends at midnight, so make sure to keep cheating and treating until you get all the special items!

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