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Amazon’s collection of collections, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” was taken directly from a 6-year-old publication’s webpage with a strange personality that was comparable and had a difficult personality … at least according to the author.

Jodi Parmley only sued Amazon Studios because it might boost various imaginative components of the 2014 publication, “F.I.F.I. F ** k Financial Affair: The New Millennium Lady “… and also used it, almost lost because of defeat, for their program.

In the document, obtained by TMZ, Jodi stated he compiled this publication, and then adapted the film script from it. He stated that he shopped around for various workshops as well as the director who was allegedly interested.

Jodi does not specifically claim he met with Amazon officials, but it seems he points out words that ultimately navigate to them. As soon as he saw the launch of ‘Marvelous’, Jodie stated he was a carbon copy of his own work.

He found Amazon cheating difficulties, standing regiments, the basic factors of the story and personality possessed by Miriam Maisel Amazon – such as seeking monetary independence, leaving her bad partner, and so on.

As a result, he filed a lawsuit against … and, usually, wanted income generated by Amazon – which actually had garnered important appreciation and happened to win various awards.

We have connected to Amazon … so far, no return.


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