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As of this month SSC Tuatara Now claims that the record is The fastest production car in the world. In the process of setting this record, Tuatara also broke the world record: the fastest flight mileage on public roads (313.12 mph), the fastest flight kilometers on public roads (321.35 mph) and the fastest flight on public roads Top speed (331.15 mph).

This reminds me of people like Evel Knievel, the pioneer of the motorcycle long jump exhibition. He pursued his life and achieved an unbeaten record: By the end of 1975, a total of 433 fractures had occurred, setting a record for the majority of fractures in his life. It may be better not to try to go beyond that.

Although SSC runs Not yet certified As the official Guinness record, There are indeed many other records related to cars Most of them are not dangerous or three-digit speeds. There are some fascinating and sometimes interesting achievements in entertainment value alone.

The world’s largest banana cart

In 2009, Steve Braithwaite disassembled a 1993 Ford F-150 pickup truck and made bananas on the wheels (there is no confirmed story to explain why bananas instead of zucchini Or other similarly shaped bananas). In more than two years, Braithwaite and a group of friends used steel, chicken wire and polyurethane foam to build this giant yellow banana car.

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