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iPhone mobile phone Has hidden functions You may not notice when you update to iOS 14, you can control the device in the following ways Convenients.

Called “back”, tHis characteristic is appleNew iPhone software updates, and help you quickly ‘Perform action‘ Such as emission Siri, screenshot, lock phone, etc.

This is pretty self-explanatory, because once you set up want Shortcut, you only need to click on the back of the iPhone Activate them... Hence the literal name of Back Tap.

to Back to faucet work, YYou just need to select settings, then go to settings, and access accessibility.

In this section, you can scroll down to “Back”, where you can choose to turn on the “Double tap” or “Triple” function -You can set a shortcut for each option from more than two option lists.

Credit: Apple

It said: “Press twice or three times on the back of the iPhone to quickly perform operations.”

Although there can only be two Back Tap shortcuts at a given time-one for double click and the other for three clicks-you can change it to another name at any time.

For example, you can set up your phone so that you can enter Control C with a double tapbetween, Three simultaneous taps will mute your device.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple
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according to Business insider, You can even use a separate “shortcut” application to connect to the shortcut you have set.

The exit also reports that if you find that the command does not work after activation they, You only need to check the phone case, because some phone cases will prevent your phone from receiving your click signal, especially if they are made of thick materials.

of Rear faucet This feature is available if you have iOS 14 and one of the following iPhone models: iPhone 8; iPhone 8 Plus; iPhone X; iPhone XS; iPhone XS Max; iPhone XR; iPhone 11; iPhone 11 Pro; or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

After the software update was released last month, many users have tried it, and many people said on Twitter that they have been using the feature to take screenshots or launch their torch.

Some people still say Started using Back Tap as a repair program and found that their device was too big for their hands, wrote:I was joking thinking I emigratedht get the maximum size iPhone.

“I can no longer reach the main item of the navigation buttons, and I have been groping for screenshots. I reassigned Flicking gestures backwards to reach accessibility and screenshots has helped many people.


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