The Xbox Series X refrigerator meme has become a reality | Instant News

Both Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 are adopting new, larger and more vertical designs, and both have received a lot of jokes and criticism. However, Xbox didn’t seem to attract everything, but seemed to accept the combination of its new game console and refrigerator in more than one way. In addition to accepting memes and staying with them, it seems that Microsoft has actually decided to turn them into reality. A company with a game console-themed coverall did not impress people.

When the Xbox Series X design was released in March, the Internet quickly locked it in and created a meme. Xbox added to the flames, comparing the size of the Series X console with the huge black refrigerator, may actually be a stimulus to marketing genius. More than half a year later, Xbox pushed the meme to the extreme.

The famous YouTube iJustine received a huge package. After arduously unpacking, he found an Xbox Series X box with a longer lifespan. It was a complete replica of the retail packaging of the machine. But Xbox not only contained a huge copy of the console inside, it actually sent iJustine a fully functional refrigerator that looked like the Xbox X series.

However, the similarities don’t stop there. In terms of large-scale replication of the console, the attention to detail is absolutely impressive. From lighting to sound effects, this is definitely a kind of entertainment that Xbox fans like to enjoy at home, provided it can even accommodate.

Unfortunately, only one such fan can take home. YouTuber revealed that only three such Xbox Series X refrigerators have been manufactured, one of which is the rapper Snoop Dog. Another raffle will be reserved for Xbox fans eager to join.

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