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  • Riot Games confirms that skill-based matchmaking will be a feature in “Valorant”
  • “Valorant” is an upcoming tactical-shooter 5-v-5 game
  • This game is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2020

Upcoming first person shooter Riot Games “Valorant” has already made headlines and controversy even before it was released.

Although it is well known that this game will implement skill-based thinning (SBMM) in its Ranking playlist, it surprised many fans when game director Joe Ziegler confirmed that the feature would also be implemented in a rankless category – called Riot “Not yet ranked. “

A fan posted a question on Twitter, and Ziegler answered with an immediate response: “There will be a skill-based matchmaking on the unrated.”

This means that “Valorant” players will be pitted against those who have the same skill level. By saying that, those who win consistently will be matched by others who do the same thing.

While games like “Fortnite,” “Apex Legends” and “Call of Duty” have skill-based matchmaking, that doesn’t mean that is a welcome addition for most players. After all, this feature has been widely discussed in recent years, especially for frequent and skilled players.

With SBMM, top players won’t have the chance to play casually and enjoy the game without getting too serious. This was created to protect casual gamers which consisted mostly of a player base, helping them not to be defeated by highly skilled players.

Simply put, the skill-based matchmaking feature only seems to benefit ordinary players.

However, it should be noted that the initial review of “Valorant” seems to emphasize the need for actual skills to play and develop in the game. Upcoming FPS is explained as a “5v5 character-based tactical shooter,” which means players must work on a larger team unlike the battle royale games currently on the market.

Apart from that, most fans also see the upcoming Riot game as being more competitive, which should indicate that playing “Valorant” isn’t really aimed at casual gamers. As such, having an SBMM feature is not a bad thing.

Players must wait and see until the game is launched to make an accurate assessment of how the SBMM will affect the overall “Valorant” experience and whether it will be as unfair as others do.

This game is scheduled to be released on PC in the summer of 2020.

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