Google Fi does not yet support 5G on iPhone 12 | Instant News

Google Fi is an attractive alternative to major US telecom providers, especially if you choose to use it Pixel 4a, which currently offers very cheap prices.However, if you want to upgrade to iPhone 12 or 12 Pro This month, don’t expect 5G connection On Google Fi.

Such as 9To5Google report, Google Fi uses T-Mobile’s network to provide 5G connection Nationally, so users can rightly assume that upgrading to iPhone 12 will include access to 5G networks. But this is not true, at least not yet.

When connected to Google Fi, accessing the “Voice and Data” settings on the iPhone 12 will obviously only show LTE and 4G as options. Users expect to see 5G On and 5G Auto, but did not list Apple’s latest first batch of 5G phones.However, there is Six Samsung phones 5G is available on Google Fi, so why not for the iPhone?

Google has confirmed the lack of support and pointed out: “The iPhone 12 series does not currently support Fi 5G; we will provide customers with the latest information through the help center.” It is not clear when this issue will be resolved, so unfortunately, buy iPhone now 12 or iPhone 12 Pro and anyone who intends to use Google Fi needs to be patient.

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